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We are the FIRST certified service provider with RDI Technologies focused on Western Canada.

Why YOU should use INNOVISION

INNOVISION VIBRATION TECHNOLOGIES is committed to providing the most efficient and effective Motion Amplification services to the equipment and structures of all industries across Canada. Because Motion Amplification is such an innovative technology and the potential applications are endless, INNOVISION will remain current with our equipment and training so our customers can always expect the highest quality service.

Pre and post repairs

The IRIS M is the perfect tool to help qualified vibration analysts and/or PdM technicians confidently recommend equipment repairs and effectively communicate with non-technical personnel or management. It is just as effective at confirming the positive results of that repair.

Commissioning and Start-up

Whether your project is large or small, Motion Amplification will confirm quality assurance of your equipment installations. Because every pixel is a sensor, you can monitor the entire system, not just the few points that are typically measured during equipment acceptance testing. The client will be informed of equipment design or installation issues before schedule and budget is the main concern.

Quick and effective alternative to traditional ODS

Once equipment and or structural faults have been detected via a PdM program a common proactive tool used to further assess and understand the characteristics of the vibration and motion is Operating Deflection Shape (ODS) analysis. Traditionally, to perform an ODS analysis required the creation of a rendered frame model of the machine or structure with sufficient detail and measurement points for a plausible visualisation of the subject asset to be produced. Depending on the number of measurement points and the complexity of the model, in field data collection can be very time consuming and complicated. Specialised ODS analysis software is typically required to assist with the creation of the model, data collection, data manipulation and visualisation. Motion Amplification technology makes ODS analysis more accessible, efficient and straightforward.

Equipment troubleshooting and repairs

If you do not have a reliability or PdM program in-house, we can troubleshoot, recommend and implement equipment repairs. We can safely acquire data during operation without contacting your equipment at all. Results are instant and analysis can take only a few minutes. Time waveforms, spectrums and orbit plots can also be generated along with the impressive videos.

Compliment and support reliability service providers

We expect that every reputable vibration analysis or reliability company will find a need for Motion Amplification at some point. Innovision can provide support as a sub-contractor or partner.

Fault types that can be visualized with IRIS M and Motion Amplification

  • Piping Vibration
  • Reciprocating Engine and Compressor motion
  • Unbalance
  • Misalignment
  • Soft foot
  • Structural looseness
  • Resonance
  • Structural cracks
  • Duct and Vessel wall deflections
  • Structure stiffness and support
  • Torsional twisting, bending and flexing
  • Excessive transient loading
  • Ineffective damping
  • Vibrating screen motion analysis
  • Oscillating motion analysis
  • Cavitation, hydraulic and aerodynamic forces
  • Drive transmission faults, belts, chains, couplings, cardan shafts

Potential applications are endless with this truly innovative technology!

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