Rotating Equipment

Motion Amplification - Brine Recirculation Pump

Motion Amplification - Progressive Cavitiy Pump Skid

Motion Amplification - Multi-stage HPBFW PUMP

Motion Amplification - OTSG Blower Fan

Motion Amplification - Decanter Main Bowl Drive

Motion Amplification - Blower Skid Vibrations

Motion Amplification - Filtering to 2 Different Shaft Speeds

2005 Harley Davidson Night Train Idling

Single video (switches from orginal to amplified)

The first few seconds are of the original video then motion amplification is set to 30 times. This video is played at 1/4 speed.

Original and amplified video (side-by-side)

This video is played back at normal speed. The frame on the left shows the original video while the frame on the right is amplified.

About IRIS M and Motion Amplification

IRIS M System Overview

An excellent video illustrating the many uses of the IRIS M System.

What is Motion Amplification

A great description of this revolutionary technology.

Videos courtesy of RDI Technologies

(The masterminds behind this amazing technology)

A Study of a Machinery Trainer

Blower Motor Case Study

Re-boiler Pump - Duty

Stabilization Comparison for Motion Amplification

Videos courtesy of our friends at RMS Ltd.

Pump Repeat Bearing Failures

Operating Deflection Shape - Examples

HRSG Boiler Feed Pump

Structural Vibration Problem