Motion amplification videos that visualize how equipment vibrates.


Reciprocating compressor

A customer required accurate displacement measurements of the cylinders on a 2 stage, 6 throw reciprocating compressor. Motion Amplification was ideal for this task!

Plan 54 barrier skid

Customer was experiencing failures and high vibration on a mechanical seal barrier pump and motor. After struggling with pipe strain and alignment, Motion Amplification was used to visualize the cause.

The source of the pump and motor vibrations is the flexing of the metal plate they are mounted on. The cooler fans in the video are not included in the customer’s vibration route, and were not known to be an issue. Iris M and Motion Amplification clearly identifies the lack of rigidity and how it can easily be rectified with additional support.

Ski-Doo Renegade

Threshold Editor is another great feature in the latest update for Motion Amplification software. It allows the user to brighten the darker areas of the video during analysis and before exporting.

Structural vibration problem

A great example of using the IRIS M system to identify the frequency of vibration of a large structure. Video courtesy of RMS Ltd.

How to tune your instrument with the IRIS MX

Testing the IRIS MX camera after switching to a new acquisition computer. This may not be the most practical method of tuning a stringed instrument, but it is certainly accurate!

Brine recirculation pump

Recirculation pump on a spring mounted base. Many components vibrating at different frequencies.

Motion amplification can show you the causes of abnormal or unexpected frequencies in your vibration spectrums.

IRIS M system overview

An excellent video illustrating the many uses of the IRIS M System. Video courtesy of RMS Ltd.

Progressive cavity pump skid

Suction piping for this pump has been prone to plugging with solids. Suspect that stator elastomer and connecting rod pin joints have suffered from secondary damage. Note the movement of the foundation pad!

2005 Harley Davidson Night Train Idling

Single video (switches from original to amplified). The first few seconds are of the original video then motion amplification is set to 30 times. This video is played at 1/4 speed.

What is Motion Amplification

A great description of this revolutionary technology. Video courtesy of RMS Ltd.

Multi-stage HPBFW pump

Grout voids were present on this skid when it was handed over to the customer. Velocity measurements had been increasing and mechanical looseness was suspected.

OTSG blower fan

Motion Amplification videos of an Once Through Steam Generator Blower acquired with the IRIS M system.

Decanter main bowl drive

Blower skid variations

2005 Harley Davidson Night Train Idling

Original and amplified video (side-by-side). This video is played back at normal speed. The frame on the left shows the original video while the frame on the right is amplified.

Building Vibration Problem

Some amazing footage of a building vibration problem. Video courtesy of RMS Ltd.

Filtering to two different shaft speeds

Can-Am Outlander

The new IRIS M update (v 2.1) has many great features. This video shows the use of the amplification region which allows the user to identify exactly what portion of the video to be amplified.


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